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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Coco Montoya - Dirty Deal [2007 ]

Availability: This title will be released on January 16, 2007

A grizzly-bear guitar tone and diamond-hard riffs are the strongest cards of this former Albert Collins and John Mayall sideman. Montoya turns them in often on these 11 tunes, right from the opening "Last Dirty Deal," which absolutely roars, to the climactic final solo of "There Ain't No Brakeman on This Train," which concludes the album with a flourish of six-string ferocity. Even the ballads, like "How Do You Sleep at Night," scream with edgy intensity. That's partly because producer Paul Barerre of Little Feat succeeded at capturing the essence of Montoya's live sound, but mostly because Montoya's mentor Collins put his fiery brand on his apprentice's style. It still burns, six albums into Montoya's solo career--especially when he's covering Collins's "Put the Shoe on the Other Foot," a funky shuffle full of bellowing sustained notes and stiletto melodies that reply to his singing. That song's declamatory style also serves Montoya's narrow vocal range well. And while his lyrics occasionally stumble into blues clichés--falling tears, dirty deals--his playing is unfailingly eloquent. --Ted Drozdowski

Product Description
Since stepping out as a bandleader in 1993, Montoya released five solo albums and performed non-stop at clubs, concert halls and major festivals all over the world. At every show, fans' jaws dropped, and critics raved about Montoya's mind-bending guitar licks and fervent vocals. "The fiery blues that issue forth from Coco Montoya's guitar are awe-inspiring and boogie requiring," says The Village Voice. With his new CD, Dirty Deal (joined by his friends from Little Feat), Montoya turns up the intensity with another dose of his feral, soul-stirring music.

On Dirty Deal, Montoya, along with his road-tested, red-hot touring band, once again uses blues as a blasting off point for his emotional, soulful music. With his icy-hot guitar playing and his passionate, unaffected vocals, he attacks each of the 11 songs with deep feeling and ferocious energy. Montoya's friends, Little Feat members Paul Barerre, Kenny Gradney, Richie Hayward and Bill Payne, add their unique talents to the mix as well. Produced by Barrere and engineer Roger Cole, every song on Dirty Deal--the rockers as well as the ballads--burns from start to finish. Montoya brings all the unbridled force of his acclaimed live shows into the studio for a foot-stomping, guitar-fueled ride. Dirty Deal is Montoya's rawest, most stripped-down and impassioned recording to date.

1. Last Dirty Deal
2. Three Sides To Every Story
3. Love Gotcha
4. How Do You Sleep At Night?
5. It Takes Time
6. It's My Own Tears
7. Coin Operated Love
8. Clean Slate
9. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
10. It's All Your Fault
11. Ain't No Brakeman

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day [1997]

Guitarist Pat Metheny's career is linked to many aspects of jazz's future. Perhaps the most recognizable guitarist on the scene, he's worked lately in free-improv contexts (1997's Sign of the Four), in gentle duets (1997's Short Stories, with Charlie Haden), and has continued to expand the sound and reach of his multiple-Grammy-winning Pat Metheny Group. Imaginary Day finds Metheny exploring world-music influences and orchestral colors and opening up new avenues for contemporary jazz. And he introduces a range of new and recent additions to his collection of axes - among them, the 42-string Pikasso guitar, the baritone guitar, and the acoustic sitar-guitar.

--- JAZZIZ Magazine Copyright © 2000, Milor Entertainment, Inc.

1. Imaginary Day
2. Follow Me
3. Into The Dream
4. A Story Within The Story
5. The Heat Of The Day
6. Acros The Sky
7. The Roots Of Coincidence
8. Too Soon Tomorrow
9. The Awakening

Friday, December 08, 2006

Taylor Hicks - Taylor Hicks

Artist : Taylor Hicks
Album : Taylor Hicks
Source : NG
Year : 2006
Genre : Pop
Encoder : exact audio copy 0.96b
Codec : lame 3.91 --alt-preset standard
Quality : VBR, average 216kbps, joint stereo
ID3-Tag : Yes, Version 1 & 2.3
American Idol
Self-Titled Debut Album Drops Dec. 12
Taylor Hicks
Winner, 5th Season
Sixty-three million people voted 30-year-old Birmingham, Alabama native Taylor Hicks this year's "American Idol."
01 (3:12) The Runaround
02 (3:37) Dream Myself Awake
03 (3:34) Heaven Knows
04 (4:22) Gonna Move
05 (3:31) Wherever I Lay My Hat
06 (3:34) Give Me Tonight
07 (3:10) Just To Feel That Way
08 (2:47) The Maze
09 (3:29) Places I've Been
10 (3:20) Soul Thing
11 (3:16) The Deal
12 (3:15) The Right Place

Playing Time : 41:07
Total Size : 63.8 MB
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Robin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin Thicke [2006]

The Evolution of Robin Thicke is the second solo album from the critically acclaimed, Grammy award winning songwriter and producer of records for such artists as Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera. The album is a timeless work of art. With a voice of purity, passion and soulfulness, Robin brings to life the stories and emotions of the last two years of his life.

The album is filled with incandescent magic. It is an album that tells the tales of love, loss, temptation, redemption and finding hope when all the odds are against you. "My greatest desire with this album was to write songs that were completely honest and sing them with the emotion I was feeling when I wrote them, so that whoever listens to my music is brought as close to my experiences and life as possible."

Reflective, redemptive, passionate and etched with a soulfulness that is undeniable, The Evolution of Robin Thicke is an imaginative and heart-felt album that you cannot help but be moved by, bob your head to and smile throughout.

FEATURING GUEST APPEARANCES BY Faith Evans, Pharrell, and Lil' Wayne PRODUCTION BY The Neptunes

1. Got 2 Be Down (feat. faith evans)
2. Complicated
3. Would That Make U Love Me
4. Lost Without U
5. Ask Myself
6. All Night Long (feat. lil wayne)
7. Everything I Can't Have
8. Teach U A Lesson
9. I Need Love
10. Wanna Love U Girl (feat. pharrell)
11. Can U Believe
12. Shooter (feat. lil wayne)
13. Cocaine
14. 2 The Sky
15. Lonely World
16. Angels